Metros hockey series


Crystal Perkins

What The Puck?

From author Crystal Perkins comes a brand-new stand alone, enemies to lovers romance novel set in her Metros Hockey Series.




I’ve been pursued by women during my time as a professional hockey player, but I never expected what’s happening to me now. A sweet looking grandma is following me everywhere and it’s getting a little scary. So scary I have to hire an undercover bodyguard, and ask for help from someone who hates me. Diana and I got off on the wrong foot, and I keep putting that foot in my mouth over and over again. 




Seti Redlin has been a thorn in my side since we met. I tolerate him because he’s my boss’ friend, but I want to stab him most days. Or kiss him. But, I can’t do either. What I can do is help him avoid his stalker and her friends. That’s all this is. Just helping him out. He’s a hockey player and I know better than to get involved with one of those again.



Innocent touches during late night strategy sessions lead to steamy kisses and unexpected feelings.  But is it enough for them both to trust that what they have is real and not just part of the game? 

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Metros hockey series


Crystal Perkins

The Love Chirp

Neal “Rock” Roquemore earned his bad boy image with fights on the ice, and indifference to relationships off of it. When he’s traded to the new hockey team in Seattle, he’s not happy to be back in his hometown. He’s even less happy when a recording of him criticizing elements of the new practice facility goes viral. Especially when he finds out the architect is the only woman he’s ever loved...and walked away from.


Sarai Redlin watched the love of her teenage life walk away from her ten years ago, and she’s never forgotten the pain he caused her. Now, when she’s finally achieving her professional dream, Neal’s back and ruining everything for her again. This time, she’s older and wiser, and she’s not going to fall for him again...and there’s no way she’s going to undo all her hard work just because he doesn’t like it.


With the media and fans rallying against Sarai, Rock has no choice but to work out a compromise with her for the building design and amenities. A week on the island they both love might change everything for them again, but reality will eventually hit them hard once they’re back in Seattle. Can their love survive this time, or will they have to learn to live apart once and for all?

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Metros hockey series


Crystal Perkins

The Ice Prince

Princess Elena just wants to keep her tourism job, and not have to choose a royal husband. Especially not one of the men her mother thinks are most suitable.


Stone just wants to play hockey, but knows he has to improve his image. A promotional visit to help boost tourism for a European island seems easy enough.


Two months of working together leads to more than just work for both of them.

But, when Elena must return to her task of finding a royal husband, will a secret from Stone’s past tear them apart, or bring them even closer together?