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Seattle Universe

Fly With Me

Troy Bowie has no desire to do anything but fly the friendly skies at twice the speed of sound. The only relationship he’s ever wanted is one with the military. His career means more to him than anything—except his family. And he does whatever he can to be there for his parents and his siblings whenever possible. So, when the Navy gives him a few weeks off to attend his niece’s christening, he takes it. He loves being at home—at least, for short periods—but after a few days, he’s ready to get on his private plane and return to Hawaii to get back to work.

Until he meets an intriguing young woman with a broken heart and decides to help her put it back together before he leaves for his next deployment.

As a Navy brat, Priela Sloane traveled all over the globe—a lifestyle she valued but not something she wanted for herself. She cut a deal with her father and served her time in the military before heading off to culinary school.  Now finally on her own, Priela wants nothing to do with strong, alpha males. And she sure as hell doesn’t want to date a fighter pilot. All the military ever did for her was destroy the only person she ever loved: her brother. However, Troy isn’t a typical Navy man, nor does he come from a typical family, and he keeps breaking down her defenses and proving all her theories wrong.

At the end of his leave, will she let him fly away, or will she fly away with him?


jen tally

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Obsessed with Me

At the age of twenty-two, Savita Modi has just earned her Associate’s Degree but has never felt so lost. Academics are not her thing, and the pressure from her family to be as successful as her two older brothers is overwhelming. All Savita wants to do is make desserts. Delicious, inventive, unique desserts.  And to find love.  When her first crush comes back into town, she’s instantly smitten...again. Not that she ever stopped obsessing over the boy next door…


Ted Stafford is divorced at the age of thirty and moving back to Seattle, the city he never wanted to leave in the first place. When he reconnects with his oldest friend, Dev Modi, he finds a new social circle…and a new temptation. Dev’s younger sister, Savita, had a crush on Ted when they were kids. But she’s all grown up now and Ted feels himself pulled towards the one girl in Seattle he shouldn’t pursue.


When Dev’s wedding brings the two together, they must decide if they’re going to fight the sexual tension between them or throw caution to the wind and give in to their mutual attraction.

Seattle Universe


Melissa Brown

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Unconditionally With Me

After three years of dating Julian Rice, Elle Bruder has no active plans to move their relationship forward to the next level. Then again, he doesn’t either. And despite her frustration, she’s wary about asking Julian about it.


Until a gift she inherits makes her realize she deserves more.


Julian is stunned when he realizes this could change the plans he’s made —plans he’s not yet shared. But he knows he has a limited amount of time to close the distance between them.


In the blink of an eye, they’re heading towards Seattle to look over Elle’s inheritance. And on their trip, they’ll find out if anything could unconditionally change the way they feel about each other.


Could it?

Seattle Universe


Tracey Jerald

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