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Call it reckless

Bristol Allen has always lived her life one way—full throttle. When two separate accidents end her career, she returns to her childhood home, Sterling Mill, TN to start over. Determined to forge a new life, she takes her skills from the racetrack and opens an auto garage—with a twist. The only thing to cause her to throw on the brakes in her life is the handsome deputy who seems to always catch her doing something he deems reckless. It turns out, the most reckless thing she could do is lose her heart to him and his adorable daughter.

Reid Braxton knows exactly what might happen if you don’t play it safe—you find yourself raising a little girl on your own. He doesn’t know much about how to bring up a daughter, but he’s determined to raise Lexi to be kind, sweet, and gentle—a lady like her mother. When Lexi comes home with a school assignment to interview the newest local business owner of Head to Tow Garage and Salon, Lexi’s immediately enamored with the beautiful, spirited, and stubborn woman he’s gone head to head with more than once.

Despite their differences, there’s no denying their chemistry. But will their attraction hold them together or are they headed for a collision?

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M.E. Montgomery

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Call it Unexpected

From author M.E. Montgomery comes a prequel to her brand new small town romance series, Sterling Mill.

Emalee Dawson is no stranger to hard work and tempered dreams. Through sheer grit and family support, she receives a chance to take a break from her small mountain town and go to culinary school in the big city. There she meets Zach, a handsome and charming university student who helps her dream beyond the walls of the family bed-and-breakfast she is expected to one day take over.

Zach Abbott has always worked to be the best at everything. It’s exhausting but easier than facing his father’s disappointment. Currently, that includes graduating at the top of his prestigious university and getting into the best graduate programs so he can work at his father’s preeminent law firm. An unexpected encounter with Emalee has him rethinking what he truly wants, risking his father’s anger.


A sudden twist of fate pushes them in opposite directions, and unexpected complications alter their lives forever…even ones they don’t know about yet.

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M.E. Montgomery

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Call it Fate

Call it Fate is a small town, second chance romance novel set in author M.E. Montgomery’s all new Sterling Mill Series!


Living her life by color-coded lists has gotten Emalee through the past six years. With the support of her small family, she’s raised her young son while bringing her ancestral bed-and-breakfast back to its original beauty and into modern times. She’s comfortable with her role until an unexpected—but familiar—grumpy, green-eyed guest walks into her inn during a late snowstorm. But the weather outside isn’t the storm she needs to be worried about; it’s confessing the secret she’s been keeping for six years.


Temporarily working in a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains was hardly how Zach intended to demonstrate he was the best applicant for a coveted internship. But if it proved his loyalty to his boss, he would do it better than anyone, then hurry back home for bigger and better things. He could have never imagined what was waiting for him in Sterling Mill, Tennessee: a parrot for a mayor? Thieving raccoons? Ridiculous, sure, but none of those compared to finding his old girlfriend and the green-eyed secret she’d kept from him.


Painful revelations. Renewed passion. If only there weren’t new circumstances destined to separate them again, they might Call It Fate.

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M.E. Montgomery

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