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Spring 2021

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Act With Me

James: I get into one little fight at a Broadway play and suddenly my long list of awards doesn’t matter. So, here I am, doing a community theater play to help clean up my image. And then she walks in. She’s sweet, curvy perfection with deep brown eyes and a cute little blush to top it all off. She’s skittish, that much is clear, but I can’t let her walk away. Not until I figure out her secrets and why I feel the need to protect her. 


Shay: I made the mistake of telling my best friend I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone after years of being afraid of my own shadow. I was thinking something along the lines of trying a caramel latte instead of a vanilla one, but my BFF convinced me to try out for the community theater play. When I show up I see… James Cooper Haze? What is a movie star like him doing here? And why is he looking at me like that? Can I push past my insecurities and trust the bad boy of Hollywood with my fragile heart?

Seattle Universe

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Cameron Hart

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Seattle Universe

Back With Me

Being told at sixteen that your parents have died and that you have to move two states away is enough for any child. But for Payton Moore it’s an emotional nightmare, she has to leave the man that she loves behind too.


Silas plays for Seattle Football and Payton was always meant to join him so they could live happily ever after. But when she decides to surprise him, she turns out to be the one who’s surprised. He’s in the arms of another woman.


Not waiting for an explanation Payton leaves and pursues her career as a model. Her face is on billboards everywhere, but she’ll never forget her one true love.


Silas sees Payton everywhere. How is he supposed to get over his love for her when he sees her betrayal everywhere?


When these two bump into each other again, their feelings rise to the surface. But are they feelings of love or hate?


Can these two soulmates overcome their misunderstandings and trust each other again? Or is there just too much water under the bridge?


Follow Payton and Silas’ emotional journey as they work out whether they can overlook the past and move into the future.


K.L. Humphreys

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Big Sky Universe


C.M. Steele

Tackling Tobias

Grumpy, angry, a curmudgeon…

Who uses the word ‘curmudgeon’ anymore?

Those are the words used to describe my new boss and some other less than flattering words. The new boss who doesn’t even know I’ve been hired to invade his private sanctum and run the show. I’m the new cook for Tobias Reynolds, a Montana Cowboy with a surly attitude. I shouldn’t work for him given my background, but my options are limited and it’s a temporary arrangement.

A violent man left me scars, mostly invisible ones, but they promise me that Tobias will never lay a hand on me. One look at my new boss and I know it’s not his anger I fear, but the raging desire for his touch coursing through me.

They were wrong about the boss. Tobias can’t seem to keep his hands off me and I don’t want him to stop.

Beautiful, broken, mine…

That’s what I see when I look at Ava. From the first second I saw her, it felt like I’d been tackled to the ground my chest ached so intensely. I want to keep her, but this is just a temporary stop for her. She’s running from someone. Given the black eye she’s sporting, I’m guessing it’s a someone who needs to be taught a lesson.

I’ve spent my time in the spotlight, but now I’ve gone back to my roots, working my family’s ranch. Some say I’m like a grizzly bear with a thorn in his paw, but I just want to work and go home to a good homecooked meal and some peace and quiet which has been hard to come by.

It’s not until she shows up that I realize how much more I want out of life. I’ll slay all her dragons, destroy her fears, and do all I can to get her to stay.

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Big Sky Universe

The Way to a Man's Heart

Elijah Grove owns the Grove Trading Post in Cunningham Falls. The place has always been his home and the Trading Post has been in his family for generations. Any type of gear that you might need for the outdoors and he’s your man. He’s a loner who towers over most people and who has always been more at peace outside by himself than around large groups of people. His life is running smoothly, his routine set, and then Hartley shows up in his town.


Hartley Maverick is the new girl in town. She moved to Cunningham Falls to open her dream bakery. She’s had a love of baking and making sweet treats ever since her grams taught her how to make her first chocolate chip cookie. After Grams passed though, staying in Georgia just became too painful. So Hartley packed up their tiny apartment, threw a dart at the map, and started driving. She’s determined to get her bakery off the ground and make it a success. To make her grams proud of her.


When an innocent mistake has the town and his parents thinking that these two are a couple, Elijah hatches a plan. Since they’re both agreed that neither of them wants a relationship, he’ll help Hartley fix up her bakery if she pretends to be his girlfriend while his parents are in town.


Such a simple deal, what could possibly go wrong?


The more time these two spend together, the more they realize that their pretend love just might be turning real. Will they be able to admit that they want more than just this façade?


Shaw Hart

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Boudreaux Universe

Easy Fix

Some things aren’t such an easy fix…


Georgia Landaische has used her gift for healing people her whole life. But after the death of her father, the one person who refuses her help, she needs a new start. New Orleans offers a clean slate—a place for her to set up a small shop and use her power to do what she couldn’t for the person she wanted to the most. But when she meets an adorable little girl with a heart condition and her handsome father, Georgia finds that some things aren’t so easy to fix.


Matthew Laroux is known to be the best baker in town. As a single father to five-year-old Clara and owner of a small grocery business, his life has finally settled. His money-hungry ex-wife nearly destroyed him in the divorce, and all he wants is to protect his daughter from anything that might hurt her and keep himself free from entanglements.

No more commitments and no more women. Well, except one. He takes her out on the town, and she leaves in the morning. No one gets hurt, and no one expects anything more. They have an understanding, and really, it’s the best of both worlds…until Georgia walks into his store and makes him rethink everything he ever thought he wanted.


But both soon learn that actions have consequences, and in a city like New Orleans, sometimes a little magic is needed to find your happily ever after.


Leslie Fear

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