American Football

the Quick Snap series



Before training camp, I went on one last trip. Just me and the beaches of Miami without doting fans and the pressures of fame. Then I ran into Ivy, literally.

One thing led to another, and we spent a glorious week together. Then she utters the words I never wanted to hear: Just Friends.

I’m playing the best I’ve ever played, yet somehow with Ivy I keep fumbling. Our lives are worlds apart, but with each text, call, and stolen moment, my feelings for her grow. Can I keep my career and land the woman of my dreams?
When I met Jude, I had no idea who he was to the world. He was a hot, vacation companion, nothing more. We spent one week getting to know each other, but at the end we went our separate ways as just friends.

Then he showed up back in my life. Jude Taylor, star wide receiver.

I don’t care that he’s on the TV every Sunday when I go to my parent’s house or that thousands of people worship him. I care about the man I met in Miami. I thought we could be friends, but the way he makes my heart race when the cameras are off is far from friendly. Every wink, smirk, and deep timbre of his voice makes me question why I ever wanted to be friends. Can I compromise my life plans to allow him a place by my side?


Cala Riley

kicking about.jpg

kicking about

Akshay is the “King of Football” in the UK. He’s got endorsement deals, his pick of women, and the respect of football fans worldwide. But, he’s giving it all up to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing American football. A night out with his new teammates leads to a night of passion with a woman he never plans to see again.

Kim didn’t expect to be a divorced, single mom, but that’s what she is now. The one night of fun her sister insists on turns into a one-night stand she won’t forget. Especially when she ends up pregnant by the soccer star turned football kicker everyone—including her young son—is talking about.

Can these two turn passion into love, or will they lose before they even begin to play the game?


Crystal Perkins

Trick Play.jpg

trick play

He's one trick play from the biggest win of his career...
It was one night,
And it meant everything.
But then, I was drafted to a professional football team,
And that was it.

Or so I thought...

Now, she's interning with the coaching staff,
And she's my best friend's sister.
Everything screams "Penalty,"
But there's something about her,
A connection I can't deny.

A woman like her only comes around once in a lifetime,
And I refuse to let her slip through my fingers again.
I'm going to pull out every trick play in the book,
To score forever with this one.


Lea Coll

Hail Mary.jpg

Hail Mary

One play will determine the rest of my life.


It’s a long shot.

A Hail Mary pass.

But I have a better chance of my bum knee magically healing itself than at winning back the girl I stupidly gave up.

I made a mistake and let her get away from me once.

I won’t be that careless this time.

When an injury ends my career on the field, I start over as a coach.

Moving to Seattle brings Molly back into my life and I want a new beginning with her, too.

I realize my injury is a blessing in disguise. I was never going to find the missing piece of my soul on the football field, because that missing piece was always her. I was just too young and stupid to see it.

I need her back.

I'm putting everything I have into this one last shot.

It's up to Molly to decide if my Hail Mary turns out to be a fumble or a touchdown…


Loni Ree

Blind Side.jpg

Blind Side

The minute running back Draven Jameson sees the stunning, raven-haired beauty in the stands during fan appreciation day, he immediately knows that he needs her in his life. Despite having to battle for his starting spot with his new team in Seattle, and memories of the hardships he endured before entering the league fresh in his mind, things couldn’t be better. Draven can see further into the future than he ever has before—not only with his career but also with his life.

Presley Bantam didn’t mean to mislead the handsome recruit. The way he asked her out swept her off her feet, and things were just too good. Besides, her secret shouldn’t affect him…until it does. Forced to make one of the hardest decisions of her life, Presley chooses her career over her man, hoping she can make it up to him later. But Draven has other ideas.


When the betrayal takes things in a dangerous direction, with lives suddenly hanging in the balance, only truth can save them. Forgiveness is the only thing that can set them free. But will it be enough?


Rayvn Salvador

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Tarrah Anders

Love on the Sidelines

“I'm Mila Rossi and this is Sideline Sports.”


I’ve worked hard to make a name for myself as more than just the pretty girl on the sidelines doing bits to keep the audience entertained. I earned my spot as a Sideline Sports anchor. I made sure nobody can claim nepotism because I’ve told no one that Randall Harris, the star Quarterback of Los Angeles's Football team, is my big brother.

I wanted to succeed on my own merits and thanks to my hard work over the past year, I've not only snagged a trip to the Super Bowl, but exclusive interviews with each playing team. Finally, all my dreams are coming true.


“The guys call me Coach Wilkens, but you can just call me Toph.”


As Seattle’s Offensive Line Coach, I’m thrilled that our club is playing in the biggest game of the year and that we have a chance to take home the trophy. That should be enough to keep my mind on the job at hand, but when I find out a perky little sports anchor will be spending two weeks with my team during that time, I can’t help but worry. I’m divorced, not dead, and she’s not just gorgeous, but also whip smart and knowledgeable about the game. She’s the total package and a total distraction.

This is the biggest game of my career. It could make or break me. So imagine my surprise when I realize, so could she. I've always been able to separate the personal from the professional.

Until now.

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