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Night City

the Club Temptation Collection

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brie paisley



Weston is the type of man that I’ve always wanted, and the moment I saw him, I knew I had to have more. He instantly drew me in, making me crave everything he had to offer with just one look.

For just one night, he promised that I would be consumed by him and only him.

Now that I’ve had my chance with him, I’m constantly wishing I had more than just one night. I know that he can satisfy my wants and needs, so how can I convince him that what’s between us is real? There is so much more to us, and I’m determined to make him see that, no matter what.



The night I saw Kendra, my entire world turned upside down. I promised just one night with her, because anything more, might lead to devastating consequences. I’m a possessive man, and when I claim something I want, I never let it go.

I’ve been burned in the past before, because of this, and I never want to experience that pain again.

However, every time I see Kendra, all of my thoughts are suddenly focused on her and only her. I’m beginning to crave every single inch of her, and the more I’m with her, the stronger these feelings become. What happens when one night isn’t enough to quench the hunger she brings out of me? Can I let go of my past and give her a chance for my future, or is one night all we were destined for?  


Delicate Surrender

A forbidden night turns my rather straight-laced life upside down. 


She is only meant to be a distraction, one seductive scene, but I don’t want to let go. 


I’m convinced my heart is locked away. I’m sure she can’t break down my walls. 


But with her delicate surrender, I find myself wanting so much more. 


Would she let me in? Or will our tryst be nothing more than a forgotten memory?


Dani René


Sweet Temptation

By day, Dixie Gaynor spends her time helping couples work through their relationship issues. By night, she writes a blog: Create the Dew, dedicated to helping women find their sexual groove. Unfortunately, Dixie feels like a fraud and decides she needs to take a walk on the wild side—or at least as wild as she’s willing to go.


Zane Pierce has worked at Club Temptation for the better part of five years. While he doesn’t have the sexual tastes the club is notorious for, he does hope to find an open-minded, non-judgmental woman willing to try new things—all while maintaining a modicum of privacy. Lucky for him, the stunning beauty who walks into the club appears to be exactly what he’s looking for—until details of their sex life end up on the internet.


Will Zane be able to come to terms with his love life being a teaching tool, or will he let the only woman he’s ever truly cared for walk right out of Club Temptation? And his life.


Jen Talty


Just a kiss

Brainy brings bossy to his knees.


Eve Slater is brilliant. She’s also my former intern, one I did my best to ignore because she was off limits and waaaay too tempting.


She’s even more delectable now and the reigning queen of gaming tech in Seattle. Our chance encounter at Club Temptation ignites a fire between us.


It was just a kiss. Nothing but a kiss, and it nearly brought me to my knees. She’s not off limits any more, and I’m not about to let her slip away.


I’m accustomed to money, power and influence getting me what I want. Except Eva doesn’t care. Before I know it, I’m fighting for her, fighting to win the only woman who wants me for everything except my image.


J.H. Croix


Heightened Desires

Heightened Desires


Marcel Lafitte runs one of the largest broadcasting networks in Seattle. He has to make decisions in a matter of seconds. His need for control continues in both the bedroom and at the high-end BDSM club Temptation. He plays but never commits, but in Portland on assignment, he meets the very young and alluring Molly O'Hennessey. He's taken with her right away, sharing one incredible night together.


Molly O'Hennessey lives life on the run. She's a dedicated teacher, but her mantra—work hard, play harder. On one of her evenings out on the town, she comes across a silver fox—but just not a silver fox, but a Frenchman to boot. She can't say no to a drink, and she certainly doesn't say no to a night she'll never forget. And when he dominates her in the bedroom, she's never felt so free to be herself. She learns her silver fox is from Seattle and doesn't hesitate to use the excuse of visiting her famous football player brother to spend more time with the Frenchman fox who occupies her mind.


Marcel soon introduces her to his prestigious club and his lifestyle. Molly becomes captivated by everything Marcel teachers her. Feelings begin to develop, and both are thrown off their axis because this is supposed to be about sex, not about falling in love.


Leigh Lennon

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Law of Temptation

One dominant woman in the boardroom. One dominant Master in the sex club.


Emme has worked hard to get where she is. She’s had to prove herself as a woman in a man’s world. Her law firm has seen how good she is and when she is offered a chance at a high profile case, she takes them up on it. She is always in control and she likes to dominate a room when she’s in it. 


When her friend offers to take her to Club Temptation she jumps at the chance of a good night out. She doesn’t realise what kind of club it is. But she’s game for anything. Or so she thinks.


Logan has been assigned a high profile case and when he meets with the opposing law firm he’s shocked to see a woman in the room. After mistaking her for a secretary and her putting him in his place, he recognises the fire in her eyes. He is attracted to her and funnily enough, her dominance in the boardroom.


After a hot night with Logan in Club Temptation, Emme worries that he would want to dominate all aspects of her life. She can’t deal with that. She needs to be fierce at work and she’s happy to be submissive in the bedroom. But he’s like a drug that she has become addicted to. 


Can these two dominant people make it work? Or will Emme’s wish to be taken seriously in her work life force them apart? 

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Lexi Noir

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Tempting Fate

Everything with Jade began at Club Temptation, so it makes sense fate would bring us back together here. She looks so incredibly beautiful it takes my breath. So insanely sexy. And from the look in her eyes…she still hates me.


I thought leaving Jade behind six years ago was my only option. I didn’t want to admit how much she meant to me, and I definitely didn’t want to face her brother, my best friend—the man who would have killed me if he found out I was sleeping with his little sister.


But leaving was the worst mistake I ever made.


Yet I’ve returned, and behind all the hatred she claims to have for me, I can see the same desire she had all those years ago. And I plan to use that to my advantage.


She has no idea what I have in store—the ways I plan to tempt her.


Oh, this is going to be fun.


S.A. Clayton

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